HR 127 - The Most Tyrannical Gun Control Ever Proposed?

Below, is a summation of House of Representatives (HR) 127, a bill introduced by Representative Sheila Lee.  Known as "The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act,"  it has been described as "tyrannical," as well as "making felons out of law-abiding citizens overnight."  I forget the sources of these quotes, and, therefore, can't give attribution.
The requirements include, among other things, that:
  • every gun owned regardless of purchase date must be registered, including antique and military-styled guns, into a database developed and maintained by the Attorney General of the United States, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives;

  • every gun owner must acquire a license issued by the Attorney General;

  • Every gun owner must obtain insurance issued by the Attorney General at the cost of $800 every year;

  • No gun may be given to or loaned to anyone under the age of 18;

  • No gun may be given to or loaned to anyone over the age of 18 unless the Attorney General has been notified; and 

  • The penalties for violating any provision of the Act (when enacted) are draconian!

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