City Council ignores Planning Commission on Parcel K

Checking the news today, we find that the City Council ignores what the Planning Commission and Durham residents want in regards to Parcel K. Parcel K is a proposed 800 unit development in southeast Durham. 


Some facts:

  • The Planning Commission, with an 11-1 vote to not approve the proposed development, ignored.
  • The Durham residents who attended the meetings and overwhelmingly expressed disapproval for the development, ignored.
  • Plans to update roads to support the development, non-existent.
  • The developer attended the meetings at which they provided previously unannounced verbal changes to the proposal, inconsiderate if not a shady practice. These last-minute additions did not give the commission time to review and comment on the developer's, obviously intended, changes. 

While Durham has a housing shortage and the developer did propose including 22 affordable units, there is no excuse for the City Council to rush through an overwhelming opposed proposal.

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