Board of Commissions Minutes and the Durham Budget

I am continuing the theme of Durham County Boards and Commissions. Given Durham's high crime rate, I wanted to see what the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee has been doing.

Going to the board minutes, I found no updates since March of 2018! I sent a feedback request for the site to be fixed and am waiting to see if I need additional action.

Doing a web search to see if I could find the minutes another way, I found the Durham County Board of County Commissioners minutes here:
and on the Boards and Commissions site here: Not what I was looking for but I might as well read through these minutes.

As I mentioned before, I'm just starting to learn about the Durham government and the decisions made in what I always felt was a secret room somewhere. Reading through the latest Board of County Commissioners minutes for January 11, 2021, there is a discussion about the 2021 Durham budget. Below is shown part of the budget:

Durham Budget

Looking through the proposed budget, you find a couple of odd items. Most noticeable to me is that the General Government line item increases the most by $2,745,305! As a concerned citizen, I want to see less government, not more. What is that budget increase going to do to help my fellow Durham citizens and me? The other line item that is worth looking into is the Public Safety increase of $1,906,367. With such high crime already in Durham, how are those funds going to be allocated to helping?

Time to start digging.



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