4th Anniversary of Orange Co. GOP Terrorist Attack

Thoughts on the 4th Anniversary of the Bombing of the Orange County Republican Headquarters


The Orange County NC Republican Party Headquarters was firebombed on October 16, 2016, causing extensive damage to the contents and property.  I consider this bombing nothing short of an act of domestic terrorism by anarchists to intimidate and disrupt the Conservative election process. 

This domestic terrorist act is still an active, open investigation.  A grand jury was convened after the bombing but there are no convictions as of this date.  There is still a $20,000 ($10,000 from the FBI) reward for information that leads to solving the crime.  Call the FBI in Charlotte at 704-672-6100. 

Having spent 3 years in Afghanistan in a war zone, it was a shock to return home and see this type of destruction in our backyard and our country.  This attack strikes at the very fabric of American democracy.

We have witnessed more acts of anarchy over the past year given the burning, looting, shooting, and beatings in American cities often led by Antifa groups.  There is a general sense of rage and herd mentality.

We need to come together as a community of citizens in spite of political differences in a peaceful way.

-Waddy Davis, Colonel (Ret), US Army Special Forces
 Chairman, Orange County Republican Party



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