2023 Mayoral Candidates

***According to the NCGOP Plan of Organization, the Durham GOP CANNOT endorse any candidate who is not a registered Republican.  In an attempt to offer voting guidance to Durham Republicans, we crafted a gauge as a guide for this year's municipal election.  Feel free to continue your research with the candidate's provided web links.***

City of Durham Mayor

(You may vote for ONE)

Charlitta Burruss


  • Transparency in local government
  • Mental health issues, crime, and gun safety

Jontae Dunston


  • End gun violence
  • Affordable and fair housing, making landlords accountable.
  • Mental health programs
  • Increase minimum wage
  • Free city-wide transportation
  • Increase property tax for landlords, but not private homeowners

DeDreana Freeman



  • Jobs and economic growth that doesn’t displace residents
  • Sustainable housing close to affordable public transportation
  • Environmental hazards in historically marginalized communities
  • An advocate for racial justice
  • Increase bus transportation frequency and reliability
  • Promote walkability within residential and business areas
  • Equitable land zoning
  • Employment pathways for youth and adults
  • Economic development and investment in low and middle income communities
  • Set minimum wage to $17 and eliminate tipped wages
  • Renewable energy initiatives

Nick Pettiford



  • Decreasing criminal activity
  • Increase local economic development
  • Focus on youth development and training
  • Affordable housing for citizens that are getting moved
  • Hold council members accountable for their actions
  • More youth programs and centers
  • No tax increase

Leonardo Williams


Current City Council member


  • Diverse housing options that allow for stable, safe, and affordable shelter
  • Job training
  • Accessible public transportation
  • Lower the cost of living
  • Add mental health resources to public safety
  • Comprehensive solutions to crime and gun violence by investing in social programs and initiatives
  • Invest in trails, protected bike lanes, dedicated lanes for rapid bus services, and expanding passenger train services

Marshall Williams, Jr.



  • Affordable housing
  • Workforce development
  • Public transit
  • Creative solutions to gun violence through community policing
  • Improve walkability/transit access
  • Mental health and de-escalation training
  • Tighten building emissions standards
  • Expanded youth programming
  • Accountability and training in de-escalation, bias awareness, and nonviolent solutions in our police department
  • Continue to fund the Office of Equity and Inclusion

Sylvester Williams


  • Programs for the neglected low income, moderate income, and black people
  • Hire more police officers
  • Counsel young people that have been involved in a crime
  • Use reserves to house low income citizens
  • Tax breaks for long term, low income residents
  • Increase low-income housing

Mike Woodard


  • Currently a NC state senator
  • Served on the City Council for nearly seven years.


  • Housing affordability for the workforce
  • Competitive wages for city employees, law enforcement, and firefighters
  • Job opportunities for our young people
  • Get guns and illegal drugs off our streets
  • Recruit a wide variety of businesses to move to or open in Durham
  • Job readiness programs for residents
  • Supports a $17 minimum wage
  • Improve and increase the network of pedestrian and bike amenities
  • Combat climate change with public safety and initiatives



Durham for All

Peoples Alliance PAC

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