Precinct Chair Expectations and Goals

The role of the Precinct Chair, Vice-Chair and/or Secretary is critical to the success of the Durham GOP. In an effort to better define these roles and responsibilities, we have created this guide. The success of this role will be the barometer of the overall health, influence, and engagement of the Republican Party in Durham County.

Simplified Duties

  1. Attendance at our monthly meetings. All goals and action plans start at our Leadership meetings. Please note, the Plan of Organization states that missing three (3) meetings in a calendar year will lead to removal from the Precinct leadership role.
  2. Precinct Activity. A Precinct leader is a steward over the local Republicans in their neighborhood. Today, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with your precinct members. Using social media, letters, emails, texts, and calling folks are great ways to engage. Precinct leaders are asked to communicate with their neighbors at least once per year through any preferred form of communication. Lastly, Precinct leaders should be ever-increasing an accurate contact list, including email and telephone numbers of the Republicans in their area.
  3. Voter turnout. A Precinct leaders success is evaluated based upon their achievement of voter turnout. In order to achieve this measure, Precinct leaders should be contacting their neighbors with the candidate and GOP slate information in advance of elections. Contacts can be made through mailers, social media, text blasts, emails, or door knocking. GOP members should be informed when polls open and/or any changes to polling locations. Finally, the Precinct leader is responsible for manning or having their polling location manned with a Poll Greeter. A Poll Greeter welcomes voters to the polls and ensures they have all the information needed to vote for Republicans.

The Durham GOP believes that our leaders who are doing these activities on a regular basis are heroes and should be recognized and rewarded. Being a Precinct Chair is a position that people should aspire to, just as it is for a person running for public office.

Durham has over 24,000 registered Republicans. If Precinct leadership is able to increase voter turnout and achieve getting voters to the polls, we can make a difference.

This is why you are so important!

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