NCGOP Statement on Redistricting Trial Decision

The N.C. Republican Party applauds the Superior Court for upholding the legislature's constitutional role in redistricting and rejecting the attempts of Democrat activists to leverage the judiciary for political purposes. We’re happy this court affirmed the maps in question were drawn legally by the legislature as according to the Constitution.

This lawsuit was never anything more than a 'Sue til Blue' attempt by activists on the Left to gain through the courts what they cannot win at the ballot box. The plaintiffs in this case, who are all partisan Democrat activists, proved this when they asked the court to throw out the legislature's enacted maps as 'partisan gerrymanders' only to suggest replacing them with maps drawn in secret by their own lawyers which were incredibly gerrymandered in favor of Democrats.

“The NCGOP is pleased to see that the Superior Court panel has affirmed the maps drawn by the General Assembly following a fair and transparent redistricting process,” stated NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley in response to the ruling. “The Panel correctly rejected Democrats’ wildly hypocritical scheme to sue their way into office with secret, gerrymandered maps and we hope the N.C. Supreme Court will uphold this decision.”

While the NCGOP fully expects the activists to appeal this decision to the N.C. Supreme Court, we call on those justices to uphold the lower court's ruling which reinforces the constitutionally appropriate and authoritative role of the state legislature in redistricting matters. The NCGOP also calls on those justices with clear conflicts of interest to recuse themselves from this case.

Congressman Dan Bishop, who sued the N.C. Supreme Court for transparency following their secret decision to delay primary elections and candidate filing, reiterated the importance of a non-political judiciary in upholding the separation of powers as well as the necessity of clear and stable electoral schedules for North Carolina voters.

"The people of North Carolina deserve stability and predictability in their elections and a redistricting process conducted by the branch of government to which the Constitution delegates the power and responsibility — the legislative branch," said Congressman Bishop. "I call on the N.C. Supreme Court to reject this activist ploy to abuse the judiciary for narrow partisan advantage and to issue an order upholding the trial court’s decision. And this time, I hope they’ll sign their names."

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